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Pioneering Stevendoring Excellence in Sri Lanka

Maritime International Terminal (MIT) has distinguished itself as a leading stevedoring service provider in Sri Lanka. MIT was founded with the primary objective of supplying specialized manpower for ports. Currently, MIT is instrumental in training and managing a substantial portion of the workforce deployed at the East Container Terminal Stage (ECT).

With a workforce exceeding 200 adept individuals, MIT maintains operations through a two-shift rotation system, ensuring continuous service around the clock, every day of the year. The company boasts a seasoned team of trainers with extensive international experience, instrumental in cultivating some of the region’s most knowledgeable and proficient operators.

MIT plays a key role in training and overseeing a significant portion of the East Container Terminal Stage (ECT) workforce.


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Highly Skilled personnel

Our Purpose

Driving Port Excellence Together

Enabling seamless terminal operations within Sri Lanka's ports through empowerment and specialized expertise.

Our Mission

Our mission is to establish a collaborative platform for private operators and ports, fostering interaction and joint strategy formulation. This aims to eliminate obstacles and impediments, ensuring the seamless and successful functioning of the company.

Our Vision

Our vision is twofold: to emerge as Sri Lanka's premier service provider, leveraging our exceptional talents and skills. We actively engage with diverse agencies and organizations to amplify the impact of the Maritime International Terminal, enhancing trade efficiency. Additionally, we aspire to be the most trusted stevedoring service provider in the Indian Ocean region.
What We Do

Specialised Skills Driving Port Excellence

What We Do

Enhancing Secure Sea Freight Operations

Container Lashing Services

MIT offers secure, reliable container fastening solutions for safe sea transport.


Ongoing Terminal Engagements

Terminal Operation

East Container Terminal at Colombo Port

Situated at Colombo Port, Sri Lanka, the 'East Container Terminal Stage – I' has a 450m quay wall length and a C.D.-18m water depth. Capable of accommodating vessels up to 18,000 TEU, the terminal spans approximately 260,000m², featuring a container stacking yard with three quay cranes supported by 20 across-out beams. The facility is fully equipped with essential operational amenities, including an operation building, gatehouse, workshop building, substation, and more.

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